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Whether you're organizing a local event with your neighbors or a grand carnival for thousands, you can reach out to everyone nearby with a Buzz on BuzzVoo!


Connect easily with your neighbors

Just moved into a new neighborhood? Want to know what's Buzzin' around?

BuzzVoo auto-determines your usual neighborhoods, and lets you connect easily with all your neighbors.

Connect with others outside of your neighborhood

Outside of your usual neighborhoods? Still want to know what's Buzzin' around?

Join the OpenNetwork, and connect effortlessly with everyone near-by who is on the OpenNetwork.


Create local Polls

Decide on local issues together as a neighborhood.

Tag your neighbors

Tag your neighbors and easily share photos of local events with them.*

Host public events

Tired of collecting hundreds of contact details? Interact with everyone via the OpenNetwork!

Search on-the-go

Can't find the info desk at an airport or mall? Join the OpenNetwork and try BuzzVoo Search!**

BuzzVoo lets you connect easily with everyone near-by

Be it in your usual neighborhood or a conference somewhere you have never been to before - BuzzVoo lets you connect with everyone near-by instantly.